Zebra Rock is not found anywhere else in the world. Small remote isolated pockets exist in the stunning eastern Kimberley landscape. All of the remaining deposits are found in the Northern Territory. It has certainly taken some blood, sweat and tears to establish this small family business in such a location.  


The Zebra Rock itself is a geologic enigma and attracts scientists from all over the globe.  There is a stunning variety of colour and pattern, some types are even hard enough to scratch glass. To truly understand how special the rock is it must be seen in it's natural state in the ground. We have a site at the Zebra Rock Mine where this is possible. Please make the time to visit and hear more about the enigma. It is one of the rarest rocks in the world and a natural wonder. www.zebrarockmine.com.au

While visiting the Mine is the best Zebra Rock experience we understand not  everyone has the opportunity.  We are excited to now be able to offer the Mine Site Direct online shop. Overtime we will add more content, we want share the rock with you to love and experience the rock as much we do. Please be patient, there are only two very busy Zebra Rock Miners and a very young apprentice!


The Zebra Rock Mine began when Kim, the quintessential Kimberley Bushman, met Ruth, the hydrologist from Melbourne. The couple opened the Mine to the public as a trial run in 2011, since then the venture has been successful due to word of mouth from travellers that enjoy finding a simple laid-back bush style with world class natural features. These natural features are the Zebra Rock and the secret wetlands that have developed on the NT side of Lake Argyle, a Mecca for wildlife.

This small scale mining operation has required the couple to try a sustainable approach. All rock is cut and manufactured into items from jewellery to tabletops onsite, value adding to stone resource.  These products are only available from the Zebra Rock Mine. While the stone types look sensational cut, their true beauty is seen at the mine scale.  The couple have set aside areas of the mine leaving sections of the stone naturally occurring in the ground for posterity. These sites have already become popular with geologists from around the world. The patterning of each piece of stone is different, a one off never repeated.


Kim and Ruth are working on many ways for everyone to be able to access and enjoy the beauty of this stone.

Kim and Ruth, are lucky to be joined each year by a fantastic fun team. The up-and-comer is Opal, a hard one to miss.

We all look forward to meeting you and having some fun during your time in the Kimberley and Top End!